Rad Chad is the biggest flexer in the whole Peanutverse. Rocking his Gucci hat, His supreme shirt, his Shoes (TM) and his jewelry, almost no one on the show comes close to the amount of Hype Chad has achieved. Chad is also a heavy lifter, being able to lift over 1000 pounds easily. With his partner, Slicky Ricky, there's almost nothing he cant accomplish. Including Cannibalism. Rad chad can also hit the hardest dance moves in any universe as seen in "EPIC no mom CHALLENGE" While Slicky Ricky can hit the best shoot, Rad Chad can almost equal him with his smooth moves.

Quotes Edit

"you know what time it is! its dance time!"

"we couldn't find the kitchen because my mansion is SO big!"

"Uh oh"

"Ricky's dead!"

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